Work is about to get a whole lot simpler


A new era of work is here.

Citrix and Wrike are now united, not just as one company, but by a shared vision—to remove complexity from work so people and teams can perform at their best.

Top 10 benififits of wrike

A single source of truth

Collaborate with context across all business functions, at enterprise scale. Wrike provides a centralized solution for project management—whether your employees are remote, hybrid, or in the office. As your system of record, Wrike can accommodate every workflow either natively or through integrations.

One flexible solution for all your teams

Get the versatility and structure you need to let all your teams view, plan, and organize their work to maximize productivity. Wrike is fully configurable so each team can create the hierarchy and workflow that’s best for them.

360° visibility into projects

Manage workflows and monitor productivity with full, real-time visibility into project status, progress, and team workloads.

Cross-departmental collaboration

Collaborate across your entire enterprise in real time. Turn meetings and group chat messages into results. Enable asynchronous communication for dispersed teams. Mark up documents, fast-track approvals, and invite clients or executives to review deliverables—even if they’re not Wrike users.

Automated workflows to improve efficiency

Eliminate repetitive administrative work. Customizable automations route requests and tasks to the correct folder, assign work to the right person, and automate workflows to always keep things moving forward.

Security that exceeds industry standards

Access your tasks and projects securely and without interruption, wherever you’re located. Wrike’s U.S. and E.U. datacenters have a 99.9% uptime. User-governed encryption keys and role-based permissions ensure data stays private when it needs to.

Integration with the tools you use most

Wrike has hundreds of pre-built integrations—and is customizable to create integrations with nearly every app—so you can automate tasks, keep systems in sync, and ensure the seamless flow of data.

Simplified resource management

Get the right resources in the right place, always. Track time at a glance, monitor progress, and assign resources to tasks manually or automatically. Forecast based on planned versus actual time and budget, and predict and mitigate risk to projects.

Intelligent tech that boosts productivity

Free up time and stimulate innovation. Wrike’s Work Intelligence taps into tens of millions of anonymized data points, then uses cutting-edge AI and machine learning to recommend and set up automations and alerts, so your teams can focus on high-value work.

Unmatched reporting to measure progress and results

Beyond custom dashboards and reports, you’ll gain valuable insight by connecting effort, assets, and people to performance and results—a capability available only with Wrike.

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